Frequently asked questions

Why should you shop at Floors Trading & Clearance Centre?

We provide the latest products & services to any industry. Our years of experience and attention to details get all the requirements right – on time and on budget

How can I make the purchases?

You can make purchases via our online store and through our showrooms. Our team is always ready to speak to you and we encourage you to speak to us if you are unsure, Help is always available.

How can I make payments?

Payment options are available online, you can make direct payments via our website, or if it is a custom order one of our team member will forward you a custom link to pay online.


Can I track my orders?

Our Website has a dedicated order tracker to give you updates about your order. you can always ask any question by reaching out to info@floorstradingandclearance.com.au 

Where do we ship?

We are 100% covered Australia-wide. Our products will reach you no matter where you are.

Do you offer installation as well?

We have dedicated well qualified flooring installing professionals around the country we can always refer them to assist your project. If you are a Flooring installer who would like to join our community reach out to check your eligibility.